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Search engine optimization (SEO) in Google at OWL Media is a website promotion in the entire search space (SERP). This includes all free search results: regular search results, Google Maps, Images, Videos, marketplaces, etc.

Search engines are expanding their area of influence, so just being the first is no longer enough. In competitive topics, the first position can even turn into the eighth, giving way to PPC advertising, maps, services, and other aggregators.

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    Case Studies

    Region: Singapore Domain age: 4 years. Start of work: December 2020. The site presents information about the services of the clinic, descriptions of training programs. The clinic has 4 practitioners: …
    Promotion kickoff: October 2020. Region: USA, Canada Promotion timeline: 5 months. Condition of the site: the site was new when we started the promotion, no promotion was conducted before that, new …
    Region: USA. Domain age: 3 years. Start of work: December 28, 2020. At the time of writing this case, 4 months have passed since we started to promote an online store selling children’s clothes, …
    How we improved site visibility by 3 times in 6 months – promotion case of the greenhouse installation company. We increased the visibility from 20.47% to 59.35% in Moscow and the region: Compared …
    Region: UAE, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Domain age: 1 year. Start of work: February 5, 2021. The site contains tutoring services for children in different areas – English, French, Arabic language courses, …
    Region: Canada, Ontario. Domain age: 3 months. Start date: December 16, 2020. In the first 3 months we have developed a strategy to bring the site to the top, collected all the necessary materials for …

    Our key indicators

    Each project is worked on by a team assembled according to your focus and tasks.
    No templates or containerized service
    200 %
    Average growth of visitors
    after 3 months of work
    up to 60 %
    We increase the visibility of the site
    from scratch in a year
    10 years
    Average employee experience

    The main stages of Promotion

    Niche analysis
    Technical and usability audit
    Competitors analysis
    Keyword Research & Clustering of the semantic core
    On-page SEO
    Content Creation
    Off-page SEO
    Testing, monitoring, and improving KPIs

    Certificates & Partners

    Certificate seo fundamentals

    Our seo-package solutions

    Suitable for new or small sitesFor serious projects
    from $790 / month
    from $1530 / month
    from $3080 / month
    Calculated individually
    Number of Keywords
    up to 500
    up to 1000
    up to 2000
    all semantics
    Keyword Difficulty
    Low + Middle
    + High
    + High
    + High
    KPI of the project
    Positions / traffic
    + Visibility
    + Sales
    Web development, site improvements
    Programmer’s hours included in the tariff without additional payments
    Up to 5 hours / month
    Up to 10 hours / month
    Up to 15 hours / month
    + Personal modifications with the programmer
    For most projects, this is calculated individually and as a separate surcharge.
    Up to 10,000 characters without spaces (~2-3 articles)
    Up to 30,000 characters without spaces (~6-9 articles)
    individual calculations
    Search engines and SERP
    Yandex and Google are additionally divided into region and device
    up to 3 SERPs
    up to 6 SERPs
    up to 10 SERPs
    individual calculations
    Posting reviews
    We select platforms, write on Google Maps
    2 reviews / month
    5 reviews / month
    10 reviews / month
    individual calculations
    Outreach, Linkbuilding, crowd
    The cost of the links themselves is not included. We do not buy links on exchanges, but acquire them by negotiating with the platform owners. This often requires additional budget.
    up to 5 free links / month
    up to 10 free links / month
    according to the dynamics of the growth of competitors’ links
    Standard SEO Task List
    And a rough implementation plan
    Niche and competitor analysis
    Promotion strategy
    Monthly reporting
    Personal manager

    Who will work on the project

    Project Manager
    UI/UX expert
    Programmer (or ready to work with your programmer)
    SEO Specialist (Middle)
    SEO Assistant (Junior)
    Team Lead or SEO Senior
    Outreach and Link-building team
    Copywriter (ready to work with your copywriters)
    Content manager

    Advantages of website promotion with us

    Promotion transparency
    Every month you receive a detailed report on the work done and a plan for the next period. All additional necessary costs are discussed and agreed upon.
    Personal manager
    For all questions, you can contact the manager 7 days a week via Telegram, WhatsApp, or e-mail. We are ready to join your chat.
    Payment by Results
    After 3-6 months of promotion, we consider the option of switching to the payment plan based on the site visibility results. In the case of an end-to-end analytics configuration project – to a percentage of sales.
    Transparent contract terms
    We do not give empty promises, guarantees of promotion to the TOPs, and refunds, which no company compensates to the extent that it is presented.
    Individual approach
    The cost of each project is calculated individually, based on a small audit, which reveals the degree of complexity and key works.
    Early payment (for several months ahead) discount of up to 20% is offered. For our programmer, we include his hours in the tariff. For advertising and the second site discounts up to 40%!

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