SMM Promotion Services

Comprehensive promotion in social networks (SMM) includes:
– creating groups, pages on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube;
– leading and promoting groups, as well as helping and training employees;
– targeted advertising.

Result of Social Media Marketing

Growth of traffic to the site and positions

As a result of targeted advertising, group and posting management, conversions from social networks to the site and mentions increase. It has a good effect on SEO.

Increasing coverage of the target audience

Your potential customers and buyers are not only in search engines, learning about you from advertising. They spend time on social networks, which is precisely where your products or services can interest them.

Sales and customer growth

With the help of social networks, you can attract the most loyal and interested buyers. Such clients can attract more clients through recommendations.

How We Achieve Good Results in SMM

● We analyze the audience, draw up a strategy, determine the KPI.

● Design groups, pages, and fill them.

● Discuss the content plan together. Write interesting articles on our own or with your help.

● Set up and launch advertising, build communication with users.

● Analyze, test, optimize advertising costs.

● Launch contests, promotions, discussions, conduct situational marketing.

● Every month we make a detailed report on the work done and the results.

● Additionally, we can set up end-to-end analytics so that you can see the client’s path from the very acquaintance with your brand to purchasing from various channels.

● A team of experts will work on your project: account manager, content manager, designer, target marketing specialist, community manager, photographer.

Benefits of SMM services with us

Simple promotion methods, no spam, and markups.
Detailed monthly reporting and measurable results.
Interaction with subscribers 24/7.
We follow the mentions in all social networks and promptly respond to them.
We design pages and make branded posts.
Joint management, training of you and your employees.
Sparing your advertising budget.
We analyze segment the audience.

Certificates & Partners

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