Turnkey PPC Advertising

High-quality customization and maintenance of PPC advertising. Your ads and banners will be shown on Google search, on regular sites, in webmail services, YouTube. We will set up “catch-up ads” (remarketing) and Google Shopping products ads.

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    Advantages of setting up PPC advertising with us

    Budget savings
    We will optimize your budget for clicks and impressions. After changing contractors or abandoning automated services, our clients, on average, save 40% of their budget.
    Payment by results
    After 3-6 months of cooperation, we will consider the transition to a result-based payment plan (leads, orders). To do this, you will need to set up end-to-end analytics.
    Automation and optimization
    We use tools that allow us to regulate bids in Google Ads and to keep high positions at the lowest cost consistently.
    Reporting and recommendations
    Automated detailed reporting on advertising campaigns, recommendations for improving conversion, error tracking. You will also have all access to your Yandex and Google personal accounts.
    We develop cool ads
    We analyze competitors’ ads, audience, use exciting techniques. Banners and pictures for YAN are prepared and created by an on-staff designer.
    Click fraud protection
    We use our efficient technologies to protect against click fraud in addition to the built-in technologies of Google.
    Project team
    An account manager, PPC specialist, editor, designer, and Team Lead will be working on your advertising campaign. We are available 7 days a week.
    Media planning
    We will provide you with a media plan that will allow you to estimate a budget that will help you achieve your goals, will help you understand how many leads each advertising channel will bring, ROI, and cost per customer.

    PPC advertising pricing

    $180 – singular payment
    $490 – singular payment
    $750 – singular payment
    Calculated individually
    Planned advertising budget
    from $300 / month
    from $1000 / month
    from $3000 / month
    from $7000 / month
    Number of keywords
    up to 300
    up to 1000
    up to 2000
    all the necessary semantics
    Google search
    Google Display Network
    Rendering advertising images by a designer
    Connection of call tracking and virtual PBX
    Setting up additional ad formats (creatives, video formats)
    Maintenance cost ⚹⚹
    $100 / month
    $200 / month
    $300 / month
    up to $300 / month
    Configuration time frame
    3 days
    7 days
    15 days
    21 days
    The first month is free
    Monthly reporting
    Personal manager

    The advertising budget is calculated based on the media plan, according to which the required investment in advertising and the calculation of the return on investment are determined;
    ⚹⚹ The minimum term for concluding a contract is 3 months.

    Details of our work

    ● Detailed analysis of competitors manually and using services.

    ● Collecting information about the target audience.

    ● Collecting semantics from Google, Ahrefs, Keywords.io: parsing, and cleaning (compiling a list of negative keywords).

    ● Grouping the core manually or semi-automatically.

    ● Distribution of groups of queries across pages.

    ● Recommendations for the creation of new landing and revision of existing pages.

    ● Generation of ads manually, cross-minusing.

    ● Setting up quick links, refinements, addresses, URL, and UTM-tags.

    ● Age and gender, geographic settings, and based on interests.

    ● Setting goals in Analytics.

    ● Dividing all campaigns into search, regions, and remarketing.

    ● Setting up A / B testing.

    ● Setting up the replacement of headings and text for each ad.

    ● Munising all low-conversion sites and Youtube channels for CCM according to our lists.

    ● Setting up the display of advertisements for customers who have visited your competitors.

    ● Using new targeting technologies on engaged audience via mobile devices.

    ● Reallocate budgets depending on efficiency.

    ● Optimizing campaigns after receiving the first statistics.

    ● Checking the entire sales funnel from the first interaction to listening to the sales managers’ conversation recordings.

    ● We provide consultations and give recommendations throughout the process.

    ● Monthly reports on spending, efficiency, work completed, and results achieved.

    For best results and statistics collection,
    we advise you to set up end-to-end analytics, including:

    Call tracking system
    Optimization system
    Data visualization
    Integration with CRM

    Features of our work

    What should be the requirements for the advertised site?
    We only work with sites that have a competitive design and offer. We do not take responsibility because the client, coming from advertising, will not be satisfied with his expectations. Will quickly leave the site, thereby spoiling the indicators that affect the decrease in a click’s cost. And you will lose money. But we are ready to offer you a redesign or advise you on how to increase the conversion on the site, its convenience, and competitiveness. After correcting this situation, we will be happy to customize your ad.
    What guarantees do you provide?
    We guarantee that your advertising investment will pay off. We do not have a goal to drain your budget because the essence of our work is to reduce and optimize it. We are focused on long-term cooperation and value our reputation.

    Certificates & Partners

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