We Spin the Flywheel of your Business

The main direction of OWL-Media is search engine optimization of sites, which is the basis of Internet marketing. Modern SEO is inextricably linked to all aspects of marketing and the quality of client companies. The company’s image, assortment, advantages, high conversion, various sources of traffic – all these have become important factors that affect the promotion in search engines. Therefore, the SEO-company “OWL-Media” organically grew into a Digital agency, which, starting from the creation of a quality product, is engaged in its promotion at all stages of its existence.

Our main advantages

We provide a modern and efficient approach when working on your business.
We employ the best personnel from different cities and countries. Therefore, provide services almost all over the world.
Transition to % of sales from the channels we connected. After setting up end-to-end analytics and testing your sales department, we suggest switching to a payment structure of a minimum fixed amount + 3-5% of the difference in the attracted profit. Therefore, we are motivated to increase your income.
Payment by Result
Switching to pay-by-site visibility, if we’re only talking about SEO. Almost no agency is ready to accept such conditions.

Our clients

Money To

Company management

The company employs 30 people on a remote basis. The head office is located in Warsaw.
Anna Elistarkhova
Alexey Romankov
Project Manager
Galina Belousova
Founder, SEO Senior

Remote work and COVID-19

We supported the remote work initiative even before the pandemic, so this fact did not affect our company in any way. Here is why we believe working remotely is good:
Time spent on commuting to the office is the most valuable resource wasted due to constant traffic jams. It is better to spend this time sleeping, relaxing, or doing extra hours of work.
Employees from all over the world
We want the best minds in the world to work with us. We are not limited geographically when we look for specialists. We are ready to provide relocation to Warsaw for the best employees.
Motivation and self-organization
Employee motivation is at the highest level. Everyone works where they feel comfortable. The payment system is designed so that each employee is interested in fulfilling the plan and the result of his work. No set working hours, and therefore, no one is held up in the office.
Prices for services are lower than those of other similar companies. We do not pay for the office and other payments arising from it. Therefore, we do not include them in the price of services. Also, wages are higher in Moscow, but service’s quality does not always correspond with the price. Therefore, an employee from another region can work better and at a lower cost.
Document management system
There is no particular need for the physical presence of the customers. We send all contracts and other documents by mail; we also have an electronic document management system.

We are often asked

And what if I want to make sure that you are a real company. Who do I hold responsible, where do I go if you do not fulfill your obligations?
First of all, a contract is concluded. You can check our company by TIN, in any blacklist. If we do not fulfill our obligations, then there are courts for this. For all other situations, if you came to the office, there are guards everywhere, and then there is always the police. 😉
I don’t understand how you can be enjoying yourself in a warm Thailand and work effectively!
Many large IT firms have headquarters and branches in Cyprus, Spain, San Francisco, etc. And they transfer their employees there, who even there have the opportunity to work without visiting the office. For example, AWEM Games, and EPAM. If it were not significant and not profitable, then this practice would have been stopped long ago. Also, do not forget that a lot depends on the employee; as a rule, we hire people who are organized in this regard.
I believe that not having an office is not a very serious approach to doing business approach, and I do not trust the company!
Although our main office is located in Warsaw, we still strive for the best and most efficient working methods and operate according to the principle of a “teal organization.” For global giants like Google, Facebook, and Apple, remote workers have long been the norm. And some companies like Automattic (which owns WordPress) with 146 employees and Alconost with 300 translators and copywriters on staff, CSSSR web studio, the American company Toptal with $ 100 million in turnover operate without offices.