Website support services

Website technical support is a minimal set of work that ensures uninterrupted availability of the website 24/7, eliminates vulnerabilities, protects against hacks and bot attacks.

We will solve issues with hosting, data backup, correct layout errors, download speed, adaptation for mobile, fill the site, make an audit, introduce new functionality, improve the usability of the site, help with administration, advise and solve any other technical issues.

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    Common Support Tasks

    Comprehensive website maintenance
    24/7 Monitoring, administration
    24/7 monitoring of availability and security. Administration, programming, HTML layout, and design. The most common type of collaboration that replaces a programmer, content manager, and designer on the staff. Do you have ideas for improving the site? We will implement them! We will also install additional protection against annoying bad bots that worsen behavioral factors.
    Technical support and promotion
    Prompt implementation of SEO edits
    These services go side by side. For a good result in SEO, it is equally important for a programmer to quickly and efficiently implement improvements. We offer extended options for cooperation in the direction of technical support and SEO. They include writing and placement of optimized texts, control of indexing and elimination of errors, work with meta tags – everything that is necessary for the minimum support of the site in its positions, and with the ability even to improve them.
    Site improvements and bug fixes
    We will correct all the mistakes according to the technical requirements and implement your ideas.
    The site requires constant upgrades to improve user experience, remain competitive, maintain relevance to search engines, and fix bugs.
    Moving to another hosting
    We will select a suitable one and make the move
    Depending on the size of the site, the number of tasks, it is important to choose the right hosting, make sure that the servers are in the right region, it is possible to connect a dedicated IP and SSL, so that the host takes care of security and quickly solves all tasks, etc. Something might break after the move, like submitting forms. We will make everything go smoothly!
    Switching to HTTPS
    We will select an SSL certificate, install, and move according to your requirements and hosting capabilities.
    We will choose the appropriate SSL certificate. Its presence is already mandatory for every site. It is not only security but also a ranking factor in search. Making redirects alone is not enough. You need to bring the internal code to the appropriate form. At the same time, we will move to HTTP2 and update the PHP versions.
    Store support and administration
    Constant technical audits and edits on the site
    Online stores need constant technical optimization; any import of goods can lead to many errors in the form of duplicate pages, generation of unnecessary, broken links, drop-in loading speed, etc. All this leads to a deterioration in positions. Creating content, updating products, answering reviews and questions, improving user experience will also not be overlooked.
    We will conduct testing after creating or redesigning the site before you open a site to search engines.
    You need to test it, close unwanted pages from robots, and eliminate other errors. For example, before updating the site design on the main domain, it is important to correlate the old URLs with the new ones. In addition to technical errors, we will test all forms, site load, cross-browser compatibility, adaptability, loading speed, SEO compliance, etc.
    Comprehensive website audit
    Technical, commercial, SEO, and usability audits.
    We will do a complete checkup of your site for all errors and flaws from the technical perspective, for ease of use, will compare with competitors, make an SEO analysis on commercial factors. Based on this, we will make detailed technical assignments for improvements and bug fixes. We can fix everything ourselves or delegate it to your specialists.
    Commercial audit
    Research on causes of low sales on the website and commercial factors for SEO.
    We will analyze the niche, competitors, and target audience and make a list of the necessary implementations on the site. Will check the use of commercial components on the site, which also affects the search results’ positions.
    Technical audit
    We will check the availability of the site for search robots and the presence of errors.
    Just by eliminating technical errors, the site can improve its position, in some cases even get to the TOP. Indexing is the very foundation of SEO. Suppose it is difficult for a robot to understand what is on your site, or it constantly walks through unnecessary pages instead of useful ones. In that case, the rest of the work on website promotion will be minimized.
    Usability audit
    We will check how user-friendly the site is
    Analyze Metrics and Analytics indicators, compare with competitors, offer solutions to problems, and help fix everything.

    Site support rates

    Payment is made at the beginning of the month, and over the limit payment, based on hours worked – at the end of the month.
    from $140
    from $380
    from $760
    from $1270
    Available hours based on the tariff
    Clarify an estimated number of hours to adjust the price of the tariff
    from 61
    Specialist – hourly rate
    $25 /hour
    $22 /hour
    $19 /hour
    $16 /hour
    Specialist – over-limit hourly rate
    $25 /hour
    $25 /hour
    $25 /hour
    $25 /hour
    Guaranteed period for unused hours
    Transfer of unused hours
    1 month
    3 months
    6 months
    Reaction time
    When the manager sets your task and starts working on it
    24 hours
    2 hours
    30 mins
    15 mins
    Efficiency monitoring
    The whole complex, including protection, storage of access, tracking payments for domain, hosting, SSL
    Content work
    Writing articles, editing photos, drawing banners
    separate payment
    separate payment
    Protection against bad bots
    In addition to installing scripts, we manually select suspicious IPs and test incoming traffic.
    separate payment
    separate payment
    Posting finished articles
    Catalog update
    Adding or editing products
    separate payment
    separate payment
    Personal manager
    Monthly reporting

    Cost of one-time services

    In addition to service for a subscription fee, we provide one-time services.

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    What CMS do you work with?
    With well-known management systems: 1C-Bitrix, WordPress, Open Cart, Yii, Drupal, NetCat, ModX, Magento, Shopify, etc., except for Joomla (principle), but we can transfer to any other one. We also work with self-written admin panels.
    Do you work under a contract?
    We work only under a contract with individuals and legal entities and promptly provide financial statements.
    How can I trust you with access?
    If you are afraid to give us full access, you can provide us with access to a copy of the project. In any case, we always first make all the changes to the site’s copy and then re-upload to the working one. We will also add a non-disclosure clause agreement (NDA) to the contract.
    Do we have to purchase monthly technical support?
    No. We also offer one-time services. Choosing a tariff, you save on the hourly rate and receive ongoing support and advice.