E-mail Marketing

E-mail Marketing is a new and better way to acquire, engage and retain customers.


We study your sales. Where do the customers come from, why do they buy from you, what bothers your customers, etc. We will create a strategy for email campaigns, what kind of messages to send, and when to send them.


We Install subscription forms on the site. Develop the design and layout of letters.

Integration and analytics

After collecting the data, we start mailing, set setting triggers, and setting up analytics to track the effectiveness and optimize campaigns.

End-to-End Analytics

End-to-end analytics reflect ad performance and business profitability.


Buyers analyze how site visitors behave, at what stage they leave, where advertising works more effectively.

Building a sales funnel

Build and automate your funnels, improve every step.


Visual detailed reports will show how much and how was spent on each channel to attract a client.

Training courses

For business owners

We teach important aspects that business owners should know about when promoting their services on the Internet.

For future professionals

We train specialists in the field of search engine promotion and Internet marketing. We employ the best students for ourselves.

Professional development

For those who already work in the field of Internet marketing and want to improve their knowledge.

What is included in end-to-end analytics?

Google Analytics
Call tracking, IP telephony