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International SEO in Google and Bing with OWL Media agency is the promotion of the site in the entire search engine space (SERP). This includes all free search results: regular search results, Google Maps, Images, Videos, marketplaces, etc.

We promote sites in different languages and countries, including multi-lingual and multi-regional sites.

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    In addition to the monthly reports each SEO agency sends, our distinction is that we pay closer attention to your site until new clients find you. We guarantee ethical “white-hat” search engine optimization in multiple languages. To get the best search engine results, we do the following:
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    We see that everything is working out for us!
    Igor – Online furniture store
    We observe a positive trend in site visits after the redesign, we attribute this to all of our work and to the fact of the increase in seasonal demand. There is a suspicion, that another contributing factor is the combination of an experienced webmaster who wrote the code + a properly selected CMS.
    I am with you to the end!
    Valery – Tattoo parlor
    I was pleasantly surprised by the positions for new queries. Thanks to everyone who is working on the project!

    ROI-focused SEO agency

    Our international SEO team works in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Asia and America. We collaborate with people who are native to their area and can effectively represent local market consumers for our clients.

    We collaborate and communicate with experts from all over the world through our internal portal. Thereby controlling the quality of the services provided in any country where we promote the client’s website.

    International SEO

    Our SEO services help companies rank higher in the desktop and mobile search engines of Google, Yandex, Bing and retain them.

    International website audits, global strategies and technical SEO will increase your organic traffic.

    Keyword analysis helps copywriters and our global staff create content and landing pages for potential clients to find.

    Our ongoing SEO support and project management will help you continuously improve organic search.

    Maintain your current SEO results when you migrate your site or switch to a new design and reduce the risk of lost traffic.

    What is the effect of international SEO services?

    Increase the number of potential clients and conversions by optimizing landing pages for your products and services.

    Increase in search engine rankings for high-margin keywords, identify your competitors locally and globally.

    Optimize website load speed to increase conversions and improve rankings.

    Presence for hundreds or thousands of relevant search queries in your niche. Potential customers will find you to be easier to communicate with in multiple languages.

    Improve local search results in the global marketplace. Don’t just translate your content, optimize it for each individual language.

    Why choose us as your SEO partner?

    We focus on improving the quality of your website, conversions and content.
    The main languages we speak are Russian, English, Polish and Ukrainian. Our employees who work directly with the content of international projects are native speakers from more than 10 countries. This includes Spanish, German and English (American or British) languages.
    We have a limited number of projects per team that can be simultaneously worked on. Therefore, you will be given a sufficient amount of attention.
    Experienced teams
    Your project will be handled by a Senior SEO specialist, Junior SEO, content manager, project manager, linkbuilder, copywriter and semantics specialist – native speakers of the language in the region targeted for promotion.

    Localization of your business for global trade

    We use powerful international tools and services to promote your site.

    Using the latest technology, tools and native employees we capture everything from translation, technical SEO and local PR.

    Using state-of-the-art reporting tools, we track the entire progress in all countries.

    Ready to promote your business?

    We will conduct a site and advertising audit,
    prepare a clear and concise analysis outlining key errors,
    review your advertising campaign settings and make recommendations.

    Case Studies

    Region: Singapore Domain age: 4 years. Start of work: December 2020. The site presents information about the services of the clinic, descriptions of training programs. The clinic has 4 practitioners: …
    Region: UAE, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Domain age: 1 year. Start of work: February 5, 2021. The site contains tutoring services for children in different areas – English, French, Arabic language courses, …
    Region: Canada, Ontario. Domain age: 3 months. Start date: December 16, 2020. In the first 3 months we have developed a strategy to bring the site to the top, collected all the necessary materials for …

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