Region: Singapore

Domain age: 4 years.

Start of work: December 2020.

The site presents information about the services of the clinic, descriptions of training programs. The clinic has 4 practitioners: a chiropractor, a nutritionist, a psychologist and a therapeutic physical trainer. The clinic and its specialists have a good reputation, but the prices for services are higher than the market average.

Interim results

Traffic dynamics for 4 months compared to the previous period:

Since we started, we have already managed to increase organic traffic from search engines by 21.62%. Blue on the graph shows traffic since the start of our work, yellow – for the previous period:

The CTR on the output improved from 2.8% to 3.4% at the peak:

How it all started

The site had a low loading speed on mobile devices (about 6 points out of 100). And it had problems with display on mobile devices.

Therefore, the first thing that we suggested was to redesign the site in order to simplify its code and improve its adaptivity. At the time of writing the case, the site was significantly accelerated to 53 points.

We also managed to eliminate Mobile Friendly errors:

In addition, the site had 50% of outgoing links to third-party sites, not always of proper quality. However, medical topics do not allow you to simply remove all the outgoing external links as there is a serious risk of removing links to authoritative medical sources, which could harm the site promotion. Therefore, work with external links is carried out as part of the On-Page optimization.

Google my Business

Since the medical clinic is a local business, special attention was paid to the organization’s info card on Google Maps. As part of the work with the card, a number of empty negative reviews were removed, and optimization for search queries was refined.

Recommendations have been made to the client concerning work with the reviews in order to neutralize the negative comments (Not everyone liked the doctor’s manner of communication, but there were no complaints about his professionalism).

Thanks to this, we were able to increase the number of views of the organization’s info card:

As well as its conversion rate:


In preparation for page optimization, marker search queries were collected from competitors, as well as queries that had stopped attracting traffic but had attracted previously.

A distribution was made, and pages were prioritized according to their potential to attract traffic. The pages with the highest priority were worked on first.

What was done on the link promotion

For link promotion, the main focus is on the authenticity of the link mass. Therefore, more than 30 sites with reviews of clinics were compiled, typically medical blogs. We analyzed the presence of the client’s clinic on the sites. A number of sites were invited to place a review of the clinic and a link to it.

What is in the plans

The plan is to continue work on On-Page optimization – refining the E-A-T and Y-M-Y-L factors, as well as the introduction of micro markup and development of snippets.

Correction of external links. Work with Google Posts.