Promotion kickoff: October 2020.

Region: USA, Canada

Promotion timeline: 5 months.

Condition of the site: the site was new when we started the promotion, no promotion was conducted before that, new domain and the site was just developed. We were also working with a very limited budget, without quality paid links and a without a proper amount of written content.

Task: to perform basic optimization of the site, to accelerate the release of the site from the effects of Google sandbox.

Interim results for this time period

Graph of the search engine visibility dynamics

While working on the project we were able to start receiving traffic from Google search. Although the promotion period is still short (moreover due to limited budget we had to take pauses and had no budget allocated for links), we managed to get a little traffic for the site.

Graph of visibility keywords dynamics in search

Based on this graph we can see that we were able to significantly increase the number of keywords that make the site visible on the Internet. From practically zero to more than 100 visibility keywords in five months of promotion, and the dynamics of keyword growth still continues.

We managed to achieve good positions for ten keywords from the main semantic core.

Specifics of the project

  1. Important! There was no budget for link promotion, which in most Western niches is a key efficiency factor for the promotion of new, and actually not only new, but all websites. Due to this we tried to make the most of the other ranking factors within the budget, as well as find and implement several options of free links.
  2. Along with this was another significant limitation to the effectiveness of the site promotion. The fact is that the project was developed on the shopify constructor. Many of our recommendations to improve the site could not be implemented due to the limitations of the platform.

What was accomplished

During our work on the project, we completed the following list of tasks:

  1. We created the most effective, based on the budget, work plan for the client that covers next few months.
  2. Performed technical audit of the site. We identified weaknesses and technical errors of the site. Among them: poor site loading speed, problems with display on mobile devices, duplicate title, duplicate h1, improper use of title tags in the code of the site and many others.
  3. Fixed technical errors:
    • Composed page descriptions and inserted where they were missing
    • Fixed duplicate titles
    • Fixed duplicate H1
    • Composed and added alt images where they were missing
    • Increased loading and operating speed of the site
    • Fixed HTML validity errors
    • Fixed problems with duplicate homepages
    • And so on.
  4. Compiled a list of top competitors in the niche for further analysis. Analyzed them and prepared a list of solutions for the implementation on the site.
  5. Started implementing solutions on the site based on the results of the competitor analysis.
  6. Compiled a basic semantic core.
  7. Conducted clustering of the basic semantic core.
  8. Worked on the semantics and content based on existing clusters:
    • baby girl cross stitch kit
    • baby boy cross stitch kits
    • baby cross stitch
    • floral cross stitch patterns
    • cross stitch flower patterns small
    • flower cross stitch patterns for beginners
    • flower embroidery patterns
    • flower embroidery – article
    • landscape cross stitch kits
    • fantasy cross stitch
    • teddy bears cross stitch patterns
    • cross stitch pillowcase kits
  9. Basic semantics and content work included:
    • Identifying relevant landing pages
    • Composing tags
    • Adding tags to the pages of the site.
    • Creating new pages.
    • Updating old ones.
    • Working on products on new and old pages.
    • Creating technical tasks for copywriters.
    • Writing texts for sections of the site.
    • Laying out the texts in the sections of the site.
    • Determining additional actions and their implementation (linking, merging pages, etc.)
    • Working with images
    • etc.
  10. Collected a database of catalogs and directories of sites that can be used for placement of the promoted site (Local SEO).
  11. Created a brief description of the company to be placed in the directories.
  12. Wrote the text for Google business.
  13. Placed the site in a number of directories.
  14. Work conducted on products:
    • Did an analysis of the client’s assortment in comparison with competitors, revealed that the client had almost no assortment of products, in comparison with competitors. Some competitors had 2-3 thousand times the number of products offered.
    • Organized the export of competitors’ products and product categories.
    • Sent these files to the client. Gave recommendations. Outlined and presented further actions that need to be taken by the client in order to fulfill the product portfolio so that the site could compete with the competitors.
    • Agreed with the client on a strategy to expand the product range.
    • Started implementing this strategy.
    • Significantly increased the number of products in the client’s catalog.
  15. Conducted basic competitor’s link analysis. Since there was no budget for link building, as a result of the analysis, we found options for a relatively cost-free increase in link mass. We found many blogs and bloggers that we started doing outreach with. However, we did not make much progress in this task, as the collaboration with the client was stopped.