Compared to the same period that year:

  • Increased income from visitors from search engines by 11.72%.
  • Google Revenue +16.22%.
  • Organic traffic +66.57%.
  • Attendance from Google increased by 43.10%.

Website optimization start date: February 7, 2019.

Constant ongoing support was required, provided consultation on improving the store in accordance with SEO requirements, together with the developers. Also, before the holidays, some measures were taken to improve positions and conversions.

Key aspects of our work

  1. Developed a strategy to increase the range of products for search engines. This provided a convenient user interaction with the catalog and product management in the customer administration panel.
  2. To increase the number of page views and time spent, we constantly publish thematic articles with design.
  3. Continuous work on business cards in Google Business. The store has points of sale, so we paid attention to local SEO promotion.
  4. We optimize the site before each holiday: we adjust the menu, add banners, promotions, and move relevant products to more visible places. There is also a mailing list for subscribers and clients.
  5. Before we joined this project, the customer used rental links. Gradually we removed them and replaced them with more authoritative and permanent ones.

Results at the time of Writing

Organic traffic
Search traffic growth dynamics
organic traffic google
Google search traffic growth dynamics
organic traffic compare
Comparison of search traffic with last year for the same period
organic traffic revenue
Increased profit from search engines

At the moment, the assortment of the store is constantly expanding, and respectively, so is the semantic core. Content, audits, reputation, improving the link profile for Google, consultations are the main ongoing focus.

Despite the seasonality of the business, sales from the site are ongoing.