It was necessary to improve the site’s visibility, expand the core, increase search traffic, and conversion and click-through rates on search. The site already had the right positions but not stable ones. This problem is solved by working out the snippet’s attractiveness and the landing pages’ correct relevance.

Website optimization start date:  June 23, 2019

There are 2423 requests in operation.

Conversion increased from 3% to 10%.

Refusals have decreased by two times.

11,616 clients reached out to 3 salons, thanks to search engines.

What was done

  • Increased website loading speed in accordance with Google Page Speed ​​recommendations.
  • Fixed all the errors that CMS generated. Eliminated form spam.
  • Rewrote meta tags, added emoji to them.
  • Improved usability on mobile devices.
  • We fixed a problem with pagination and photos. Each photo generated a separate page, which created a lot of useless content.
  • Made the rest of the audit edits.
  • Marked up to snippet: rating, latest publications, emoji, and prices.

At the moment, the site is being actively filled with content: new works, masters, reviews, articles.

Optimizing the site for local and mobile search. Updating and promoting business cards in Yandex Directory and Google Business.

Results at the time of Writing

Visible organic traffic growth:

Growth of traffic from search engines
Google Traffic