86% website visibility from scratch in 10 months.

Due to SEO and minimal traffic from PPC advertising, the opening of the salon was successful. At the end of the year, the list of services was expanded. In addition to tattooing, the salon began to do piercings and train masters.

Website optimization start date: February 22, 2019.

It was necessary to attract customers to a new salon in the city center. And recoup its opening cost as soon as possible. The client came with a ready-made website, which was created on a modified WordPress template. Accordingly, it had a lot of errors, a slow download speed. There were 2 months left before the opening of the salon; during this time, we did everything possible so that the salon began to receive customers.

Key aspects of our work:

  1. After long modifications of the template site, in the end, it was decided to redesign the site, thereby eliminating a large number of errors that impede loading speed and the introduction of new features.
  2. We made a move to http.
  3. Together with the client, we filled in photographs of works, masters, information about the salon, prices, and other important sections.
  4. Developed a tattoo cost calculator.
  5. Connected the Instagram widget. For this topic, Instagram works very well.
  6. Applied watermarks on all photos.
  7. Made gift certificates.
  8. Prescribed alt for images and paid attention to promoting images.
  9. We developed an algorithm for collecting real reviews from customers. It allowed leaving a review directly from the salon using a QR code. These local reviews give a lot of weight when calculating ranking and credibility.
  10. Together with the client, we conducted an analysis and investigation on competitors, according to which it was revealed that they were posting false information about the certificates, licenses, and education of their masters. Piercing parlors must indicate the appropriate medical education of their piercers.
  11. When reaching high positions, the site was attacked by bots, which we successfully repelled.

The decrease in site visibility was due to the core expansion and redesign. As you can see, positions quickly recovered and improved.

Even though there are only 396 queries in tracked positions, we are working with more than 2500 semantics.

88% of the query kernel reached the TOP 10. Of these, 80% (!) Are the TOP 3.

At the moment, we continue working on bringing medium and low-frequency queries to the TOP for all semantics. Additionally, we track positions in mobile search results and improve them.

Results at the time of Writing

By redesigning the site, we have improved Page Speed by 60 and 40 points, respectively, for mobile devices and desktop.

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Increased visibility
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Distribution of requests across TOP 100