Sale of luxury custom order beds in Moscow and the region.

Minimum goal: increase sales and brand awareness.

Maximum goal: to launch a redesign and bring additional product groups to the market.

Domain age: 1 year.

Start date: May 22, 2018.

Site Status

The site is made on a WordPress template and was modified by several programmers, as a result of which, a lot of unnecessary plugins, scripts, and styles appeared. All these conflicted significantly reduced the site loading speed. It was impossible to make significant important improvements. The customer posts products himself writes descriptions and attributes to the pictures.

What was done

A site audit was conducted. Identified deficiencies:

  • Duplicate description of product cards, title, description;
  • Lack of meta tags on some pages;
  • Insufficient amount or lack of content in the product cards;
  • Broken links and pictures;
  • Most of the links are posted on spam resources;
  • Recommendations for usability and snippets improvement have been made.
  • Lots of technical flaws and a strong recommendation for a redesign.

One of the customer’s wishes was to promote low-frequency queries and various combinations that can only be realized through an SEO filter. As a result, it was decided to make the minimum necessary edits to the current site and prepare for the SEO redesign.

The semantic core was created and agreed on, a mindmap for filter combinations was drawn up.

A list of competitors was compiled based on the semantic core:

Connected Google Tag Manager with the integration of analytics systems with reassigning aims to more targeted ones: Yandex.Metrica and Google Analytics:

  • “Contacts” page views
  • Calculate estimate;
  • Callback;
  • Learn about discounts (subscription page);
  • Request for feedback;
  • Add to cart, checkout;
  • Online consultant leads.

We registered the site in webmaster tools: Google Search Console, Yandex Webmaster.

Added to directories: Yandex Directory, Google Business.

Updated sitemap. Deleted “Cart” and “Account” pages.

Fixed Robots.txt. For each robot, rules are assigned, and additional folders are hidden from indexing.

Positions were removed before the promotion began.

Added Pages:

  • Delivery and payment. As a page and as end-to-end information.
  • Return policy.
  • Various certificates.
  • Photos of the factory itself, the assembly process, etc., which adds personalization and increases trust level.

After analyzing the competitors, we outlined the technical requirements and the layout of the new site.

In redesigning, it was decided to make tag pages on the old site based on low-frequency requests. When the new site is ready, they will be redirected to the optimized filter pages.

Results at the time of Writing

Traffic growth with SEO
Increased visibility
Structure for a furniture site