Core visibility has doubled to 40%.

The directory structure has been completely redesigned, which helped to improve conversion from 1 to 6%. And this is just the beginning.

Website optimization start date: February 5, 2019

In progress: 1793 requests.

The client contacted us after the redesign. A month after the launch of the new website, the positions worsened, and the conversion dropped. CMS Diafan was used. A lot of improvements were required on the site. There was a lack of product filtering, a complete redesign of the catalog, significant innovative improvements to product cards.

The main problem was that it was difficult to find programmers capable of performing all the necessary complex modifications on this little-known control system. Contacting the developers did not solve many problems because the CMS simply did not have the ability to cope with the set objectives.

Ultimately, after many attempts to refine the CMS, it was decided to move the site to Open Cart.

Key aspects of our work

  1. Together with the customer, we have distributed the categories and products into the correct categories and added new positions and products from suppliers through parsing and import with content segregation.
  2. Compiled detailed technical requirements for improving the catalog from a service provider to a large online store. We then started a transfer to another CMS because the current one could not cope with our demands.
  3. We improved the conversion of the site by displaying all kinds of contact information on the visible areas of the site. The target audience in this area had some difficulties with this. We focused on accumulating calls because a larger number of orders went through the phone.

The temporary drop in traffic from Google is due to the ongoing experiment. We removed all “spam” texts from the categories and then wrote informational useful, readable articles.

Currently, the site is being transferred to a new engine with the introduction of all-new improvements. On the old site, the optimization of categories continues, we monitor the reputation on the Internet, and we work on the link profile.

Results at the time of Writing

Increased website visibility
Organic traffic growth
Distribution of key queries across the TOP