It was necessary to improve visibility, conversion, user engagement from search engines.

Website optimization start date: January 16, 2019

In progress: 1693, queries and semantics are continually increasing.

The result at the time of Writing the case according to data:

  • Increased revenue from visitors from search engines by 16,98%.
  • Increased revenue from visitors from Google by 83,75%.
  • Traffic from search engines increased by 31,04%.
  • Google traffic increased by 43.10%.

What was done

  1. Redesigned the catalog. Optimized the transfer of goods to the archive and goods that are out of stock.
  2. We developed a content plan for posts of articles, which raised high-frequency requests and increased the time spent and views.
  3. Fixed indexing errors, reconfigured sitemap.xml.
  4. Introduced microdata and optimized product cards.
  5. Analyzed high bounce rates in the cart and corrected the situation.
  6. Conducting periodic technical audits and correcting errors that have occurred after various manipulations on the site.

At the moment, the work on content promotion of the site and the improvement of Google’s link profile is in continuing. Standard work on technical support of the site is performed, including periodic SEO audits. Traffic diversification measures are taken:

  • Mailouts.
  • Direct traffic through loyalty and order status checks.
  • PPC marketing.
  • Social media traffic.
  • Traffic from thematic sites and product aggregators.

Results at the time of Writing

A month after the start of implementation of edits, there was a visible increase in traffic:

organic traffic
Growth of traffic from search engines
organic traffic google
Growth of traffic from Google
organic traffic compare
Comparison of search traffic with last year for the same period
organic traffic revenue
Increased search engine revenue
Increased visibility on Google