Conversion from the site improved by 51.7%.

Visitors from Google increased by 127%.

Organic traffic increased by 147%.

Website optimization start date: September 12, 2019.

In progress: 2102 requests.

It is necessary to increase the visibility and position of the site in search engines, optimize the site for the current algorithms. 80% of traffic to the site is from mobile devices, so this audience is a priority.

The client had two sites that were created for different target audiences. After analyzing them, we came to the conclusion that the search engines recognized them as affiliates, i.e., partner sites. In this case, only one site could be at the TOP for overlapping queries.

The second main problem is page cannibalization due to the outdated “1 request = 1-page” optimization.

What was done

  1. In-depth technical audit on 66 points.
  2. Usability audit on all devices, website display testing on all platforms.
  3. Technical assignments for the programmer to eliminate all errors identified during the audits.
  4. Created a semantic core and got it approved by the client. We identified all requests that partially overlapped with the second site because they also had visibility.
  5. Analyzed the content for relevance. Many pages, due to “cannibalization,” competed with each other for similar requests, and it was decided to combine such pages.
  6. Prepared technical assignments for the elimination of cannibalization, taking into account the most visited and relevant pages.
  7. We filled uninformative pages with content.
  8. New unique content was written for the combined pages.
  9. Duplicate sections of text and large blocks were eliminated by reducing them and linking them to a separate page, replacing them with a picture.
  10. Video reviews were transcribed.
  11. Prepared technical assignments for a client on writing texts for the news and blog section (a competent specialist should write on this topic).
  12. Helped to implement Yandex. Chat and Yandex.Services.
  13. Conducted an audit of the link profile of competitors and, according to the list of successful sites, began placing backlinks.
  14. Made minor design edits, according to usability analysis in mobile and desktop versions.

74% of the kernel query reached the TOP 10. Of these, 42% are in the TOP 3.

At the moment, work continues eliminating cannibalization, and writing authoritative content, increasing the authority of the site.

During the optimization, the theory of affiliation was confirmed. For the narrow-topic site, with which we started, general high-frequency queries with the second site of the client began to enter the TOP. Accordingly, the second site was losing its position for these queries in direct proportion.

Results at the time of Writing

Due to good optimization and elimination of unnecessary scripts, the site shows high loading speed indicators:

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Visible organic traffic growth
Google Organic Traffic
Comparing search traffic to last year
Increased visibility
Distribution of requests in TOP 10