Sale and installation of stretch ceilings in Moscow and the region.

Domain age: 10 years.

Start date: May 24, 2018.

Minimum goal: increase sales and improve positions.

Maximum goal: launch a redesign and turn into a market leader.

Site Status

The client was looking for a new contractor because the current one did not cope with its obligations. The site had an outdated WordPress design, a lot of added plugins, and some script conflicts. The site was stagnant for several years.

What was done

We decided to do redesign:

  • It was immediately proposed to launch a site redesign for several reasons.
  • Eliminate all technical errors, conflicts, unnecessary plugins at once.
  • Make a neat SEO code with high loading speed.
  • Competitive, responsive design that will increase conversions and behavioral factors.

First, positions retention requires good behavioral factors. Therefore, to promote the website “as is” would not be a long-term perspective.

Before preparing for the redesign:

  • We compiled a semantic core, clustered it into account the commercial nature, and distributed the groups of requests among the available pages. For recommendations without pages, a list of future URLs was compiled.
  • Highlighted competitors in Yandex and Google.
  • Analyzed the usability, looked at the click maps and webvisor. It turned out that the calculator has a lot of requests and a high engagement rate. We decided to improve it for the new site.

Conducted an initial audit:

  • Checked the link profile. Only a few text links and the main theme of the donor sites was “Computers.” Lots of deleted links. Most likely, purchased rental links, which were placed on not trusted and spammed resources.
  • The site is poorly optimized for mobile devices.

Fixed on the current site:

  • Added an online consultant and connected to Yandex.Dialogues.
  • Connected Google Tag Manager.
  • Added the site to Google Business and Yandex.Directory.
  • Set up robots.txt for all search robots, opened the indexing of scripts and styles for Google.
  • Uploaded a relevant sitemap.xml. Due to plugin conflicts, the sitemap was not updated for about a year and did not have all the pages.
  • Eliminated duplicate pages through “crutches” because any change in the code led to other errors.
  • About half of the pages had text uniqueness below 50%
  • Removed all strong, b, em, I tags. Thus reduced over-spamming.
  • Added the canonical tag to all pages with an absolute link without Get-parameters.
  • None of the images had an alt attribute. The quality and promotion of pictures in this field is an important factor.
  • Fixed broken links.

After the edits, we analyzed competitors and young sites that quickly hit the TOP. Based on this data, we prepared the design specifications and created page layouts. Conversion elements, USP, prices, promotions were taken into account. The calculator was developed thoroughly.

What changed:

  • Added and designed “Our works.” Planning to add video reviews.
  • Added sections “Question-answer” and “Warranty,” catalogs in PDF format.
  • Developed high-quality capture forms.
  • Set up goals: “Contacts” page views, Calculator usage, Callback, Request an estimator, Leads using an online consultant.
  • All pages have been redone. The meta tags were rewritten, the keyword over-spamming was removed, the images were processed in Photoshop, and the alt’s were added.

Results at the time of Writing

Growth of traffic from search engines
Site visibility

The spikes are most likely due to the change since this is seen across all monitored sites, not just client sites. On the graph, there are 2 of his sites (green and purple). The second site is a separate story.