Domain age: 10 years

Start date: 04 July 2018

Site Status

The client contacted us after the redesign because positions and traffic have worsened. The site was moved to the CS-Cart platform with the implementation of an SEO filter. All redirects from the old structure to the new one were installed correctly.

What was done

We did an initial audit.

It turned out that the main problem was the server’s long response time. The first thing that we did right away – changed hosting.

Set up caching.

We moved all scripts to the bottom of the page, and styles were moved to separate files.

We optimized product pagination. Configured rel = ”prev / next” attributes and canonical page.

We added microdata to the navigation chain, product card, reviews, organization. Fixed bugs, deficiencies, and some elements to improve usability.

Set up all sorts of basic redirects.

We put the rel = “canonical” tag on all pages with parameters on a page without parameters (for example, at the end there is ?price=2). The link is absolute.

Meta name = “keywords” tags were removed from all pages.

An analysis of the traffic of major competitors was made:

traffic sources
Competitors’ traffic sources

From this, you can see that the search engine makes up about 40%.

20% is direct traffic. It is influenced by brand and customer loyalty.

33% – referral traffic. Many online furniture stores participate in CPA and get additional traffic from referrals.

We made a list of recommendations for increasing traffic from additional sources.

Results at the time of Writing

 trafik furniture
Growth of traffic from search engines
visibility furniture
Increased visibility